Cancellation Policy—Our cancellation policy remains in place unless we have been ordered to evacuate. We cannot waive the late cancellation fee due to changes in plans because of the weather, due to its unpredictable nature.

Unclaimed Pets— Our main goal is to get all of our boarders back with their owners or emergency contacts prior to evacuating, as it is in the best interest of the dogs' health and safety.  We are not equipped to evacuate large amounts of dogs, and it is difficult to predict when and how we will reunite them with their owners, depending on the severity and damage of the storm.  Also, please remember that the owners and staff have their own families and pets to evacuate, and it can be difficult to take on additional dogs who may not get along with other pets or people.

However, no animals will be left behind at Southpaw Pet Resort in the event of an evacuation, and we will transport any unclaimed pets to a safe location. These pets are subject to an evacuation fee in addition to the regular boarding rate and any other costs associated with their transport and care. Owners of evacuated pets may contact Southpaw Pet Resort at (843) 342-7200, which will be forward to the owner's cell phone, or by emailing  We will also update our Facebook and Instagram pages with all relevant evacuation progress.

Failure to claim your pet prior to evacuation releases Southpaw Pet Resort and its agents of all liability pertaining to the transport and boarding of your pet during the evacuation.

Hurricane Policy


In an effort to ensure the safety of your pets, Southpaw Pet Resort has a strict policy for all dogs boarding at our facility during Hurricane Season (June- November).  In the event of a hurricane we will, at our discretion, evacuate the boarding facility, no less than 24 hours prior to landfall.  As previous hurricanes have demonstrated, neither people nor pets are safe during a hurricane.  Even though the hurricane may pass quickly, we could be without power and potable water for a long period of time.  Southpaw Pet Resort will not house pets in that type of environment.


  • Your out of town contact information (phone and email)
  • Phone number of 2 local people who are willing to pick up your pets from Southpaw Pet Resort in the event  we must evacuate and you are unable to retrieve your pet prior to evacuation 

Please make sure the local contacts you provide are willing to get your pets if we evacuate our facility. The best way to ensure that your pet is evacuated safely and that you are reunited with your pet is for a friend or family member to pick them up from Southpaw Pet Resort. We cannot overstate the importance of this.


Southpaw Pet Resort   Hilton Head Island, SC   (843) 342-7200

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All guests must have current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella vaccinations

in order to stay with us. The Canine Influenza vaccine is also strongly recommended.

Our priority is your pet's health and safety!